11/15/10 The Marshall County Election Board met on Friday afternoon to certify the results of the mid-term elections and to review the activities of the most recent election day.

Board members include Steve, Harper, representing the Republican Party; Roger Wise, representing the Democrat Party, and Julie Fox, Marshall County clerk.

In Indiana, the Clerk is a member of the election board to oversee and conduct all elections. The Clerk is responsible for administering and certifying results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special, and school board elections.

The board confirmed that there were 11292 machine ballots cast, 2232 absentee ballots, and one provisional ballot. These numbers represent 47.23 percent of the county’s 28638 registered voters.

The board considered two provisional votes and certified only one of the two. Fox said only one voter produced the proper identification to the clerk’s office and the second did not respond. Friday at noon was the deadline for producing identification.

Fox said there were also six ballots received by mail after the deadline of November 1. Fox said none of the six were counted. She added that they were not from overseas locations or from military personnel.

According to Fox, prior to the opening of the voting site in Tippecanoe, it was discovered that one machine was not working properly. She said a voting machine was taken from the Center Township location in Plymouth and delivered to Tippecanoe.

The board is also obtaining specifications from the state election board for the replacement computers used for voting by the Absentee Board. Fox said the Marshall County Council has recommended that the machines be purchased through the IT Department of the county rather than be taken from the budget of the Election Board.