11/02/10 What do you want to see in the park during the next five years.  The Plymouth Park Board discussed the need to rewrite a 5-year plan for the park department.  Board President Jim Causey said, “I was recently made aware that our 5-year plan expired in 2005.”  He explained that the old one was over 200 pages in length.  It was created when Paula Garis was superintendent and with the assistance of Site Scapes.

It was noted that to apply for any DNR grants the park department must have in place, submitted and approved by the DNR a 5-year plan.

The new plan must address ADA requirements and include public input for items in the new plan.  The DNR has also asked that the 5-year plan be limited to between 30 and 60 pages in length.

Superintendent Mike Hite has already started work on the plan and the Plymouth Park Board felt is could be completed in house using the DNR blueprint from their website.

The park board asked the park department to have the 5-year plan complete by April 1, 2011.