The Marshall County Election Board convened Monday afternoon for their pre-election meeting to determine the number of pre-votes for the municipal primary that will be held today, May 2nd

Bremen, Culver, and Plymouth will conduct primaries with races on the Republican ballots.

Registered voters have had to opportunity to vote in person, by mail, or through the travel board this month. 

County Clerk Jenny Bennitt said 166 voters stopped by the courthouse and voted in the Clerk’s Office.  It was noted that on Saturday, April 22nd only 4 people voted in the clerk’s office, and on Saturday, April 29 16 votes voted.  25 voters in Bremen came out during the Saturday vote opportunities and in Culver there were 28 early in-person voters. 

The Travel Board voted 27 citizens and 54 applications were received for mail-in ballots with 49 being returned by Monday’s meeting.  There are 4 mail-in ballots still out but will be counted if they are received by 6 p.m. May 2nd.  In total, there have been 295 votes cast for the municipal primaries.

There will be 4 Vote Centers open in Marshall County today from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Vote Centers are at The Pines in Bremen at 1820 West Plymouth Street, in Culver at the school administration office at 700 School Street and in Plymouth at the Knights of Columbus 901 East Jefferson Street or the Life Enrichment Center at 1305 West Harrison Street.     

Registered voters in Bremen will pick the top 4 Town Council members from the 6 who are running.  The candidates are Joe Blakley, Billy Daily, Michael Leman, Alex Mikel, Bryan Miller, and Barbara Sauter. 

In Culver, there are 4 candidates to fill 3 positions on the Republican ballot for Town Council Seats.  Candidates are Leigh (Boo) Marshall, Ginny Bess Munroe, Dana Neer, and Sally Ricciardi. 

In Plymouth, the only race is for Mayor on the Republican ballot with 4 candidates.  Those candidates are Greg Compton, Rick Cooper Jr. (Coop), Nick Fisher, and John R. Grolich.      

Please remember to bring your photo ID with you to vote.