On Monday February 6, 2023 shortly before 3:00pm, an Indiana State Trooper stopped a silver Honda passenger car for a speeding violation on I-69 in Steuben County, just a few miles south of the Michigan state line.

During the course of the traffic stop the driver was identified as Matthew Scott Bell (45) of Beech Grove Indiana.  While identifying the driver, the trooper observed a sealed package laying in plain view on the front passenger seat that was clearly labeled “RSO CANNABIS GUMMIES”.  When asked about the package, the driver advised the trooper that the cannabis product was legally purchased in Michigan.  The trooper reminded Mr. Bell that Marijuana products are illegal in Indiana.

The probable cause search of the vehicle that followed revealed over eight (8) pounds of suspected Marijuana and over seven (7) pounds of packaged edible products, along with a whole assortment of other Marijuana related products and paraphernalia.

Mr. Bell was placed under arrest and transported to the Steuben County jail, where he was incarcerated on related criminal charges.