U.S. Senators Todd Young (R-Ind.) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) last week reintroduced their Advancing International and Foreign Language Education Act. This bipartisan legislation will ensure that American students have access to quality international and foreign language education programs that meet the needs of our nation and help our students remain globally competitive.

“Our higher education institutions must train students to be globally competitive, and that starts with foreign language and international education instruction. This bill is vital to both enhancing our national security and ensuring that students can have successful international careers. I am pleased to once again lead the charge in giving students the right tools to excel on the international stage,” said Senator Young.

“Right now, there is a rising demand for skilled employees that meet the needs of an increasingly interconnected world. It is our responsibility to equip our students with the tools they need to not only remain competitive, but drive innovation and strengthen our local economies,” said Senator Baldwin. “I’m proud to support the reauthorization of critical Title VI programs that support language and area studies education so that international and foreign language education programs at Wisconsin’s world-class universities can continue to live up to our state motto, ‘Forward’.”

The Advancing International and Foreign Language Education Act will also reauthorize Title VI of the Higher Education Act. Title VI provides resources for universities across the country, including Indiana University (IU), to develop quality and innovative international programs of strategic interest related to the Middle East, East and Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa and other world areas. This bill advances national security, invigorates global competition and expands access to underserved students. Partnerships between universities and government strengthen and preserve our national and international foreign language education infrastructure.

“The vitality of international and foreign language education programs is foundational to the work of preparing Hoosiers for service and careers in a globally-connected world,” said Indiana University President Pamela Whitten. “I deeply appreciate Senator Young’s commitment to vital Title VI programs that equip universities like IU to provide students with the robust foreign language skills and international experiences they need to contribute to our national security and the global competitiveness of Hoosier companies.”

For the full bill text, click here.