Marianne Peters, Executive Director of the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District was granted approval by her board to apply for two grants. 

The first grant they are pursuing is from the Marshall County Community Foundation in the amount of $26,000 to fund a feasibility study for a county yard waste disposal/recycling facility. The study would be done by GT Environmental, an Ohio firm that specializes in waste management planning.  The grant is for the study only, not for the facility itself.  There is currently no county resource for organic material such as yard trimmings or brush.  Most of it is landfilled, burned, or buried.  Peters noted that the County Line Landfill only has about 20 years

The second grant Peters will apply for is from Arrowhead County Resources.  Solid Waste will apply for a grant to complete the work on their bioretention drainage area, to remove noxious weeds and replace them with native pollinator-friendly plants.  This will allow Solid Waste to demonstrate how a retention area can be friendly to wildlife, attractive, and also create better drainage.        

Last year the Recycle Depot and Marshall County Recyclers were able to divert tons of waste from entering the landfill! This is just some of the data on materials they sent off to be recycled:
Cardboard ~ 108 tons
Mixed Paper ~ 28 tons
Plastic Bags ~ 1.5 tons
Polystyrene ~ 3 tons
Glass ~ 16 tons
Mixed Metals ~ 37 tons
Tires ~ 72 tons

For more information on recycling in Marshall County check out the Recycle Depot website at or their Facebook page.