Jim Clevenger, the County Attorney presented the amended Personnel Policy Ordinance which deals with vacation days, personal time off and sick days. The ordinance was passed at the November 21st meeting on the first reading and Monday on the second and third readings.

Changes to the personnel policy include allowing new employees who have at least 90 days of service to 5 vacation days in the first year. The policy also increases vacation days to 10 for years 2 through 5 and to 15 days for years 6 through 9.  Beginning in the 10th year of service a county employee is eligible for 20 vacation days.   

Personal Days for new hire employees will earn personal days at the end of 90 days.  Employees will earn four personal days each year on the anniversary of their hire and must be used annually.   

Attorney Clevenger also told the County Commissions that the county should be receiving its first Opioid Settlement from the big three distributors and J&J this coming Friday according to the Indiana Budget Agency. There is also a tentative settlement in the works from Walgreens for $4.95 billion, CVS at $.9 billion, and Walmart at $3 billion.  He said the settlements are roughly based on the same formula as the distributor’s settlements.  Due to Indiana legislation, the State and the local governments will share the proceeds in the same way as the distributor settlement.