Earlier this month members of the Marshall County Solid Waste District Management Board were told a new employee was hired to work in the Recycle Depot. 

In September recycle team member Brent Corbett resigned to take a position with the Plymouth Community School Corporation.  Joe Wagner and Jim McGuigan have joined the team.  Joe has a background in warehousing and logistics and is the new Hazardous Waste Specialist.  He is currently training on chemicals and shipping.  Jim is the warehouse assistant.   

Director Marianne Peters told the board they recently sent a load of electronics to their vendor ERI and the cost was $4,800 which is completely unstainable.  She said they are looking at Louis Salvage to take some of the electronics that have value.  They can give the Depot a Certificate of Destruction.  Peters said the one think that will cost them forever is video screens as in TVs and monitors because of the hazardous material in them. 

It was also noted that Adam Lukenbill has stepped in to fill his father’s shoes as attorney for Marshall County Solid Waste District.