PHS tops THS

PLYMOUTH – The Plymouth JV tennis team hosted the Triton varsity Wednesday night in Centennial Park, with the JV Pilgrims coming out on top by a 6-2 final score. Singles winners for the Pilgrims were James Kruyer, Maclean Miller, Alex Kizer, and Brice Hoover. Doubles winners for the Pilgrims were Zak Kresser-Aiden Landis and Nick Manzuk-Owen Walleske. At No. 1 singles, Kruyer battled back from a 5-2 second-set deficit to win five straight games and finish with a 6-4, 7-5 win. The final game had more than 10 deuce points. The JV Pilgrims currently boast a 7-2 dual match record.


At Plymouth

Singles First Round: 

1. James Kruyer (P) beat Caden Large 6-4, 7-5  

2. Damon Kuntz (T) beat Jacob Payne 6-4, 6-0  

3. Brice Hoover (P) beat Isaiah Vaca 6-1, 6-1

Doubles First Round: 

1. Nick Manzuk-Owen Walleske (P) beat Ethan Shively-Zak Greer 6-4, 6-4  

Singles Second Round:

1. Maclean Miller (P) beat Damon Kuntz 8-1

2. Alex Kizer (P) beat Zak Greer 8-5

3. Ethan Shively (T) beat Cole Ameling 8-3

Doubles Second Round:

  1. Zak Kresser-Aiden Landis (P) beat Caden Large-Isaiah Vaca 8-1