The Libertarian Party of Marshall County had the great privilege of marching in the 2022 Marshall County Blueberry Festival Parade on Monday.  The LPMC thanked the Blueberry Committee and all of the dedicated volunteers who put on such a wonderful festival and smooth-running parade!

County Chairman, Anthony Hutchings said, “We here at the Libertarian Party of Marshall County love these opportunities to meet and interact with the public, and we look forward to more opportunities in the future.”

Joining the LPMC in Monday’s parade were party members and candidates from three other affiliated counties: Kosciusko, Elkhart, Allen, and also by a new affiliate of St. Joseph County.  Hutchinson said, “We appreciate their support and their passion to spread Liberty to the entire state of Indiana.”

The LPMC were also joined by Captain Cannabis and Hempin’ Nurse representing Indiana NORMAL.  Its mission is to promote Medical Freedom in the form of cannabis use.

On your ballot, in November you will see many Libertarian candidates in local and statewide races.  William Henry is running in both the general and special elections to fill the vacancy left by the late Jackie Walorski.  For United States Senate, against the incumbent, and big spender, Todd Young, will be James Sceniak. 

And perhaps the most important race of them all is that of Indiana Secretary of State.  Libertarian Jeff Maurer is running on the promise of election integrity, audits in all 92 counties, and a receipt when you vote.  The Secretary of State race is also the ballot access race for the Libertarian Party of Indiana.  3% statewide guarantees ballot access, and 10% statewide means Libertarians will be able to hold primary elections.  Any county where Jeff Maurer comes in 2nd place will mean that a Libertarian is placed on that county’s election board.  If you support Liberty and want to see candidates, like Donald Rainwater from the 2020 gubernatorial election, be successful, then you must vote for Jeff Maurer for Indiana Secretary of State!

Some Marshall County residents will also see a Libertarian on their ballot for a county race.  Ty Shively, Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Marshall County, and lifetime resident of Plymouth is running for County Council.

If you are tired of the two major parties and the dog and pony show they call politics, or if you simply want to see more voices have a seat at the table, then you should vote for one or all of these Libertarian candidates.  To see the change, you have to be the change! Don’t fall for the trap of straight-ticket voting.  Pick the candidate who best represents you, and who wants to bring Liberty to all Hoosiers.  Be bold, vote Gold!