The scaffolding is down, and things are almost back to normal at the Marshall County Courthouse. 

Monday morning, Jamie Giguere Project Manager with Midwest Maintenance told the commissioners there are just a couple of items yet to be addressed before they are complete. There is some painting that needs to be finished on the west side of the building where the scaffolding was located and then they will address the landscaping in their work area.   

Giguere said two windows from Marvin Windows were damaged during transport and should be here next week.  Those windows will be installed, and they will be complete until the fall when the commissioners approve additional work.

The steps on the east side of the courthouse are deteriorating and need to be replaced.  Midwest Maintenance recommended removing the limestone steps that are there and replacing them with concrete steps.  The steps on the west side of the courthouse were replaced with concrete several years ago.    

Midwest presented a change order for the additional work in the amount of $137,017 that the commissioners approved.  This will lock in the subcontractor who will complete the new concrete steps yet this fall. 

Giguere said there is also one section of limestone cap on the hand railing that needs to be replaced.  He is seeking a replacement for that stone section and did not have a price yet. An additional change order will be presented for the stone cap.