The 200 block of North Center Street has a street-closed barricade that was placed on Wednesday at the request of Midland Engineering.    

At the April 11th meeting of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety, Midland Engineering requested to close a portion of Center Street for the re-roofing of the Plymouth Public Library. 

City Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski read the request that said three sides of the building have powerlines that block access to the roof.  This issue leaves only the east side (Center Street) of the library open to access the roof with materials and manpower. They requested to have all the parking spaces on the west side of the street closed along with the southbound traffic and the sidewalk so material and equipment can be placed there.

The roofing project is expected to take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. 

Councilman Jeff Houin suggested restricting parking on the east side of Center Street beside the post office.  He had some concerns with the fire trucks and ambulances that use Center Street to travel north or to the west of the city for emergency calls. 

The Board of Public approved the request to restrict parking and southbound travel in the 200 block of North Center Street.  The City Street Department will be placing NO PARKING SIGNS on the east side of Center Street beside the Post Office too.