Linda Pearl retired last week from Kroger.  The unusual thing is that she retired after 50 years of working at the Plymouth Kroger Store.

Linda started her career with Kroger when they were over in Christo’s Banquet Center building.  It was a summer job that turned into 50 years.  Linda was on board as the grocery relocated to the shopping plaza where they currently are, but the store was located on the north end of the building. She was also working as the grocery relocated to its current location.

Linda Pearl has seen a lot of changes in the grocery business from having to find the cost of each can, bottle, bag, or package of meat and punch the price and the department number into the cash register.   She said, if the electricity went out there was a crank on the register and one cashier would crank it while the other one imputed the cost.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter stopped by to congratulate Linda and on her last day, there were flowers from your family and friends and some tears as she moves on to retirement.