Marshall County Auditor Julie Fox told the County Commissioners the Tax Sale is scheduled for March 30th at 10 a.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

She told them this is the certificate sale so properties that are not sold during the tax sale will be put in the County Commissioners name. Fox said there is a short waiting period after the Tax Sale before the properties are transferred to the commissioners. 

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said, “I’ve seen some of those names on the list and often times we will notify someone who might be a joint landowner that they can purchase the property for next to nothing.  In some cases, there are municipalities who might be willing to take the property.”

SRI will be conducting the Tax Sale on Wednesday, March 30th and it will be an in person sale on the second-floor of the County Building.  The Tax Sale currently lists 18 properties and 14 of the have an opening bid requirement of $50 while 1 has a minimum bid of $100, another one has a minimum bid of $200, one more with a minimum bid of $250 and the final one requires $500.

Information on the County’s Tax Sale properties can be found at