The Town of Culver is preparing for the winter weather projected to arrive late Tuesday and early Wednesday. This event is supposed to last for about 48 hours and the region may receive as much as 12 plus inches of snow. With this in mind, Culver is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.  They wanted to inform citizens of their plans for plowing snow and remind everyone to please keep your vehicles off of the emergency route. Should the Culver Town Council President declare a snow emergency, your vehicle can be towed if it is parked on the roads in the emergency route.

As of now, Culver town snow plow drivers will be out very early Wednesday morning. They will stay on late Wednesday into the evening, but then usually leave by 8 or 9 p.m. and come back in very early the next day to clear roads before the regular workday begins. Please be aware that they may be in your neighborhood. Moving your vehicles off the street creates more ideal conditions for the trucks, so if you have a driveway, Culver employees would appreciate it if you could keep clear the street of your vehicles.

To ensure emergency vehicles can get to locations, they will have a county highway department plow vehicle and operator on station at our EMS Department when our own plows are not operating.

The following roads are part of the Culver emergency routes. They would appreciate it if you could keep vehicles off of these streets.

• Academy Road (from Slate Street to the town limits)

• College Avenue (from Slate Street to Lake Shore Drive)

• Jefferson Street (from Main Street to SR17)

• Lake Shore Drive (from Slate Street to SR10)

• Main Street (from Chadwick Shore to Lake Shore Drive)

• Mill Street (from Main Street to State Road 17)

• Ohio Street (from South Main Street to Lake Shore Drive)

• School Street (from Lake Shore Drive to SR 10 and 17)

• Slate Street (from Mill Street to Academy Road)

Take extra time and caution if you must be out in this weather and please stay safe (and warm)!