SOUTH BEND – The Plymouth JV Boys Tennis Team competed at Leeper Park in South Bend at the SB St. Joe JV Tourney Saturday. In a highly competitive 4-Team field, the Pilgrims placed 3rd out of 4 teams.
The match format was played as short sets to 4 games, with a super-tiebreaker (in lieu of a third short set) if the competitors split sets. Out of 48 total matches played for the tourney, there were 17 set tiebreakers to 7 and 13 super-tiebreakers to 10.
The lone First Place Medalists for the Pilgrims was the Law Firm of Kizer, Hoover, and Landis. These three players (Alex Kizer, Brice Hoover, Aiden Landis) combined to win all three of the Plymouth matches in the four doubles position for the day.
The lone Runner-Up finish for the Pilgrims was the two doubles team of Jack Newcomb and Davis Yoder, who won two of their three individual matches on the day.
Final Scores:
St Joe A 20
Northridge 16
Plymouth 10
St Joe B 2
Plymouth results:
One Singles
1st Round: Jake Westberry (SJA) beat Caleb Bowling (P) 4-1, 4-0
2nd Round: Caleb Bowling(P) beat Joe Nemeti (SJB) 2-4, 4-1, 10-3
3rd Round: Nolan Mellott (N) beat Caleb Bowling (P)4-2, 4-0
Two Singles
1st Round: Trey Delp (P) beat Colin MacDonnell (SJB) 4-1, 4-3(3)
2nd Round: Ben Amat (SJA)beat Trey Delp (P)4-0, 4-3(3)
3rd Round: Carter Krizmanich (N)beat Trey Delp (P)3-4(4), 4-2, 11-9
Three Singles
1st Round: Joe Clairmont (SJA) beat Maclean Miller (P) 4-3(5), 4-0
2nd Round: Cormac Kennedy(SJB) beat Maclean Miller(P) 4-2, 4-0
3rd Round: Elijah Shell (N)beat Maclean Miller(P) 4-0, 4-0
Four Singles
1st Round: Mason Bales (N) beat Trenton Van Duyne (P) 3-4(3), 4-3(7), 10-1
2nd Round: Trenton Van Duyne (P) beat Aiden Linn (STB) 4-1, 4-1
3rd Round:Sam Norwood (SJA) beat Trenton Van Duyne (P) 4-3(6), 4-2
One Doubles
1st Round: Harry Brown-Mason Martin (N) beat Ryan Gadziola-Jake Stone (P)3-4(6), 4-2, 10-6
2nd Round: Ryan Gadziola-Jake Stone (P) beat Patrick Green-Nick Nguyen(STB) 4-1, 2-4, 10-7
3rd Round: Ollie Kaufhold-Liam Kempf (SJA) beatRyan Gadziola-Jake Stone (P)4-1, 4-2
Two Doubles
1st Round: Jack Newcomb-Davis Yoder (P)beat Nolan Young-Alex Rulli(STB)4-0, 4-0
2nd Round: Will Barnes-Jake Guul (SJA) beatJack Newcomb-Davis Yoder (P) 4-0, 4-2
3rd Round: Jack Newcomb-Davis Yoder (P)beat Trevor Tompkins-Lucas Winsel(N)4-0, 4-2
Three Doubles
1st Round: Andrew McDonnough-Trayton Cole (N) beat James Kruyer-Zak Kresser (P) 4-3(4), 2-4, 14-12
2nd Round: James Kruyer-Hayden Feldman (P) beat Billy Mattison-Brady Green (STB)4-0, 4-1
3rd Round: Luke Kaufhold-Tom Farrell (STA) beatZak Kresser-Hayden Feldman (P) 4-3(2), 4-3(1)
Four Doubles
1st Round: Alex Kizer-Brice Hoover (P) beat Jace Stasney-Andrew Achkar (SJA) 4-2, 0-4, 10-8
2nd Round: Aiden Landis-Brice Hoover (P) beat Aden Yi-Gavin Mullins (N) 4-3(5), 1-4, 10-5
3rd Round: Aiden Landis-Alex Kizer (P) beat Seth Badics-Ethan Hutchinson (STB) 4-1, 4-0