BREMEN – Despite extremely hot temperatures, the Bremen Lions were able to dominate at home against a tenacious Clay team taking a 10-1 win.
The Lions controlled the ball for much of the game and the depth of the team played a big role in the victory.
Bremen moves to 2-0 in conference play. The Lions will take on the Trinity Titans on Thursday with an away start time of 5:30 p.m.
at Bremen
Scoring by half:
9th min: Bremen – Alex Alvarado (assist Anthony Moon)
12th min: Bremen – Grant Devine
28th min: Bremen – Hudson Fox (assist Jacob Heighn)
31st min: Bremen – Hudson Fox (assist Grant Devine)
2nd half:
43rd min: Bremen – Alex Alvarado
53rd min: Clay – Junior Montoya
61st min: Bremen – Jacob Heighn (assist Alex Alvarado)
66th min: Bremen – Jacob Heighn (assist Grant Devine)
71st min: Bremen – Grant Devine (assist Alex Alvarado)
77th min: Bremen – Jon Flores
78th min: Bremen – Al Byrd (assist Jon Flores)
Keeper saves: SB Clay – Kevin Bango (16)