A request by Norfalk Properties to install a culvert on the Rightly Ditch was approved by the Marshall County Drainage Board on Monday. 

Norfalk Properties recently purchased Country Auto on North Michigan Road in Plymouth along with the property immediately to the north.  During the June meeting of the Drainage Board Norfalk requested permission to install a 140 foot culvert to allow vehicles to enter onto both properties without going on to Michigan Road.  The proposal was to construct the crossover culvert 10 feet from the culvert under Michigan Road.  The Drainage Board had concerns with the proposal due to work that was completed in a joint project with the city to alleviate flooding in the area in 2007.

During this month’s meeting of the Drainage Board, Dan Sellers from Territorial Engineering presented a new plan with a 50-foot culvert that would be constructed 15 feet from the culvert under Michigan Road.

County Surveyor Craig Cultice said there is sediment buildup in the bottom of the ditch and suggested having Norfalk clean out the ditch from the culvert under Michigan Road westwardly to 100 feet west of the new crossover culvert they plan to install.   

The dealership plans to remove the three current entrances at the car dealership and construct a new entrance on the northern lot for properties.

The Drainage Board approved the request along with a variance for a light pole on the new lot that sits 40 feet from the top of the ditch bank.