Bourbon’s Street Superintendent Roger Terry asked the Town Council to approve the sidewalk low quote from Hensley & Sons Inc for $19,650 during their meeting Tuesday evening.

The sidewalk projects include the sidewalks on the eastside of South Main Street to Jackson Street for $8,900; North Harris Street to Sunset in the middle of the block at a cost of $5,800 and East Sunset from the alley to Thayer Street for $4,950.

Terry said, “We choose the sidewalks this way because of Safe Routes to School plus Main Street because kids walk South Main up to park.”   He said, while they usually do blocks at a time, this time they are doing sections because there are sections up by the school that need to be replaced too. 

The Bourbon Street Superintendent said Community Crossings grant can also include sidewalks and that’s why they are spread out. 

The Bourbon Town Board approved the three sidewalk sections and noted that it was three of the six sections they were looking to improve were handled with the $19,650 quote. The project will be funded with cum cap development funds.