Mill Pond Trail _ 1Last week the Marshall County Park & Recreation Board met in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building and received an update on the biking trails at Mill Pond.

Volunteers Jeff Houin and Brandon Calhoun have been working with Park Board member Adam Thada in creating a mountain bike trail.  They currently have three miles of biking trails ready to be used by the public.   The Mill Pond biking trail is located between Mill Pond and Lake Latonak on Rose Road.

Last week the committee the committee gave an update with Calhoun saying “I went out there Tuesday and cleared the last downed trees and stuff that we didn’t get during the volunteer day.”

MIll Pond Volunteers 3-21-21Houin, discussed the recent volunteer day on Saturday, March 24th.  They had nearly a dozen people who came out to work on creating the trail we laid out.  He said they were able to clear most of the three-mile loop.  Houin said bikers can ride the full loop without backtracking and end where you started from.

While the trail has been created for biking, it’s not completed.  The committee plans to add more as time allows.  They also plan on a separate walking trail and said there has been some activity by golf carts and 4-wheelers.  Access to the trail is from the DNR Public Access on Rose Road.

The biking committee does not want motorized vehicles on the bike trails, instead they would like to the use different trails made for them.  There will also be walking trails separated from the bike trails.

MIll Pond Trail _ 2Plans are underway to signage with rules and the creation of a parking area for the Trails at Mill Pond.

The Marshall County Park & Recreation Department is planning for an official opening on Memorial Day weekend.

The committee is hoping to get a street address for the property so visitors to the park will be able to locate it on the GPS.

A fundraising campaign is getting underway with committee members seeking donations from friends, family, business, and organizations.  Some of the money will fund signage.

Members of the Marshall County Park & Recreation Board can be found on the Marshall County website at under Useful Links.