Plymouth City Engineer Rick Gaul brought one item to the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting on March 8th.

The alley behind the First United Methodist Church at 400 North Michigan Street is still experiencing water getting into the basement of the Fellowship Hall directly to the east.

Gaul said they have tried several fixes including working on the downspouts and crack-sealing along the building, but the water issue remains.

The City Engineer has worked on creating an inverted alley which would look somewhat like a paved ditch, but they aren’t sure that will stop the water in the basement and the cost is approximately $17,500 while placing curbs on both sides of the alley would be about $23,000.

The church recently contacted the city about vacating the alley and joining the two buildings together.

The Board of Public Works and Safety members will look at the situation and it will be back on the agenda at a later date.