City News PlymouthPlymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson updated the Board of Public Works and Safety members on two projects.

The Centennial Crossing Lift Station Project completed by Haskins Underground was substantially complete on January 19th.  There was one change order for unit quantities with a reduction of $2,040.  The change order also included a time extension due to weather and COVID.  Davidson asked for final completion and the release of the retainage of $11,760.51.  The Board approved completion, the change order and substantial completion date.

The second project is the Digester Renovation Project at the Wastewater Treatment Facility by Kokosing Industrial.  Kokosing requested a partial release of retainage funds in the amount of $19,951.21 which still leaves $2,746.67 remaining.  Davidson said the reason they are asking for a release of retainage is due to COVID issues and start-up issues on the Wastewater side the contractor has agreed to delay the start-up until April when the weather is a little more conducive to complete the connections to the electrical on top of the digester and getting the manufacturer’s representative up to do the actual start-up.

The Board of Works approved the request to release retainage.

Davidson said the digester project should be complete by the end of April and will be considerably under budget.