County News # 1Jason Peters the Marshall County Highway Superintendent presented the commissioner with his plans for the Community Crossings grant funding for 2021.  He noted that the application is due January 29th.

While the county used the majority of their Community Crossings funds last year for the North Michigan Road project, this year Peters wanted to spread the money around by doing several projects.

2021 Community Crossings_Michigan Road north of ArgosProjects proposed include South Michigan Road from US31 to the Argos town limits;

2021 Community Crossings_Lake MaxWest Shore Drive from the Culver town limits to South Shore Drive.

2021 Community Crossings_3A Lake of the WoodsAlso on the list of projects is 3A Road from East Shore Drive at Lake of the Woods to Plymouth Goshen Trail,

2021 Community Crossings_MuckshawMuckshaw Road south of Plymouth from 13th to 14th Roads and

2021 Community Crossings_Sycamore Road TynerSycamore Road from US 6 to 4B Road north of Tyner.

Peters explained that while his proposal is anticipated to be $129,000 over the local required match of $377,194 he did get the county council’s financial support at their meeting last week.

Peters estimated to total cost of the projects to be just over $1.5 million.  The Community Crossings grant, if fully awarded would cover $1 million.  The county’s match on for the grant would be $377.194. leaving the county to cover the remaining $129,000.  That would bring the county’s total cost to $508,777.

Peters is hopeful that the projects will come in closed to $1.4 million and said if the bids are too far over the estimate they could scale-back the projects to meet the budgeted amount.

The County Commissioners unanimously approved the list of projects presented by Highway Superintendent Jason Peters.