County News # 1

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer appeared before the County Council Monday to seek approve of a resolution to extend the emergency paid sick leave due to COVID-19.

Overmyer said, “This is an extension of our 80 hours of COVID time.  As we are all aware of, as of December 31st of last year COVID time is over.  The commissioners signed an extension last week and we need to have you folks also get on board with this.”  He said it gives employees another 80 hours of COVID time for 2021.

There are several new employees in the county that have contracted COVID and don’t have any sick time yet, no personal days or comp time.  Overmyer said, “This allows the opportunity for those people to continue to be paid through no fault of their own.”  He said it would be retroactive to January 1st.

The commissioner said, “We have to take care of our people.  It’s just a way of showing our appreciation to our employees until we all get vaccinated.”

The county has CARES Act funding to pay the wages.

The council unanimously approved the resolution by a 7-0 vote.