County BuildingThe Marshall County Commissioners will conduct their first meeting of 2021 Monday morning beginning at 8:30 in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  The meeting is open to the public although a temperature check is required on the first floor and masks and social distancing are mandatory.

There are only a couple of items on the agenda.  County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters will give a report to the commissioners and Sheriff Matt Hassel will be in to request a pre-pay to replace two vehicle that were damaged earlier this year.

Lieutenant Neal Wallace had been at the Commissioners meeting on December 21st to request the pre-pay but didn’t know the amount needed.  The commissioners tabled the request waiting for more details.

One of the vehicle was totaled on July 11th on Flat Lake Road. According to Wallace, the Marshall County Dispatch Center received a complaint of a speeding UTV in the area. Deputy Wozniak was attempting to locate the UTV and while traveling southbound on Flat Lake Road a northbound UTV came around the bend and ran into the side of the of Wozniak’s squad.  Due to it being an off-road vehicle, that can be on the road since the Commissioners passed the ordinance a while back, the Indiana DNR investigated the crash. The squad totaled was the K9 vehicle, a 2017 Ford Explorer.

The second incident where a Sheriff’s vehicle was totaled occurred on August 13th at 7th Road and Olive Trail.  Reserve Officer Pedro Jiminez slid off the road and impacted the ditch while he was driving to the report of a suicidal subject. ISP covered this crash.  Officer Jiminez was driving a Reserve car, a 2014 Ford Explorer.

County Plan Director Ty Adley will present the ordinance amendments for the Solar Farm ordinance for second and third reading.  At the December 21st meeting he had not give the County Attorney a copy of the Plan Commission approved amendments.  Commissioner Stan Klotz said he was not in favor of passing an ordinance amendment if the County Attorney had not had to chance to review it.

Also on the commissioner’s agenda is the County Attorney Report, Auditor’s Report, Commissioner Items where it is anticipated they will make their 2021 Department Head Appointments and Public Comments.