lincoln Junior High logo newAs work continues at the new Lincoln Junior High weather concerns may dictate the construction of the final outdoor projects.

Plymouth Schools Superintendent Andy Hartley spoke at the December meeting of the school board stating,” Contractors are installing two column pieces that will be on both sides of the entry that will be visible from Gibson Street in front of the school.”

Hartley also stated that some of the cement projects have started such as sidewalks and curbing but due to excessive moisture concerns; it is likely that the first asphalt application will not be put down till spring. For now the surface will be gravel.

With numbers of spectators being reduced at events Hartley feels the gravel surface will be suitable.

Interior work continues to move forward as the grid work for the ceilings is starting to move to the second level. They are projecting to schedule carpeting no later than January.

The portion of the project that includes preserving the oldest portion of the former Lincoln Junior High building that will house educational and vocational offices and adult education programming is projected for completion in April 2021.