A family that recently purchased a home and moved to Plymouth found out last week that their home business is not approved for the subdivision they live in during the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. Ryan and Jennelle Johnson purchase their home at 11319 11th Road in August.  In October they found out then needed a Variance of Development Standard to allow them to keep 7 Nigerian Dwarf Goats at their address.  As Plymouth Planning Consultant, Ralph Booker discussed the variance with the board he mentioned that they also had 3 dogs and raised and sold hedgehogs and foxes. GoatsIt was noted that 2 of the goats have been determined by a doctor to offer emotional and mental support for a child in the family.    While the property is zoned Rural Residential 2, the only special use would allow for crop production or forestry and logging. It was also noted that there are covenants in the subdivision that denies farm animals such as goats, hogs, foul, horses and cows. The covenants also limit accessory buildings.   Booker told the crowded council chambers that the Plan Commission cannot enforce the covenants. Fox for sale_1Booker told Ryan Johnson who attended the meeting that if he had 5 or more specific animals he needs a kennel permit.  Johnson said two of the goats are service animals and the other goats are their off-spring.  They plan to milk them for their own use and have their son show them in 4-H. The business Northern Indiana Hedgehogs and Exotics not only sells hedgehogs and Fennec foxes they also sell a variety of supplies. One neighbor spoke in favor of the variance.  Amy Turpin, the neighbor immediately to the east said they don’t bother her or her family and was in favor granting the Johnson’s a variance. HedgehogLoren France the neighbor on the other side said she can hear the goats at night and she was worried about the impact on her property values.  She also doesn’t like the additional buildings on the property. Eric Ferguson had three concerns: the violations on the covenants, the impact to his home’s value and where does the waste from the goats go. Bob Sturtevant worries about the impact to his property values and the diseases that livestock have. Goats yardThree letters against the variance were also read, one from Mary Ann Wells, Mrs. Leo Houin and Kevin and Angie Birchmeier. Board of Zoning Appeals members discussed the issue and denied the request for the variance.  The Johnsons will have 15 days to remove the animals from the property or they could face a daily fine for each violation.