Argos Variety Show 2020From the field to the auditorium, Argos Community High School students show off their talents.

Last Saturday, the Argos High School Boys Soccer Team earned a spot as the state runner-up at the IHSAA Class 1A Game. “The staff and students are very proud of our team” states Ned Speicher, Superintendent of Argos Community Schools. “The leadership they show to our younger students is immeasurable.”

Sports is not the only thing keeping excitement elevated in the hallways. The Argos Performing Arts Department is gearing up for their big fall show. “We have amazingly talented students” states Speicher.  “They have all been working hard and I am thrilled they have an opportunity to showcase their gifts in our upcoming Variety Show.”

Austin Mills, the Jr.-Sr. High Band/Choir teacher, adds “this year’s show has added challenges due to COVID restrictions, however, we are looking at the benefits. Our students get to perform with two guests in the audience and new this year; family and friends that live out of state and would otherwise miss the show will be able to watch their loved-one perform as we will be streaming the show live.”

The Argos Variety Show is a performance setting that allows students an opportunity to show off their individual talents. Many students that perform in the variety show are heavily involved in the ensembles offered at Argos Jr.-Sr. High School. Students select and prepare their own material. Some have vocal pieces that are near their hearts while other students use the Variety Show as an excuse to have fun and be funny on stage. In either case, the variety show provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere for each student. The Variety Show will take place Friday, November 6 starting at 7:00. You can watch online at Learnmore on Facebook by visiting

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