Jack Jordan state RepIn a recent release, State Representative Jack Jordon (R-Bremen) said, “Many of us choose to live in Indiana because we’re close to family and friends, our low cost of living and our strong communities. As a state, Indiana continues to be recognized as one of the best in the country for our commitment to fiscal responsibility, as a top location for workers and employers, and for our long-term investment in our roads and bridges.”

Representative Jordan continued, “Our strong record of living within our means and saving for rainy days puts us ahead of the curve and positioned our state well to meet the needs of Hoosiers during the pandemic.”   U.S. News and World Report ranked Indiana second in the nation for the best “long-term fiscal stability.” What does this mean? Hoosiers can count on their tax dollars being wisely invested back into our communities and state.

House Republicans developed a responsible, long-term road funding plan that does not burden future generations with debt. Jordan said, “Our comprehensive and sustainable funding program got Indiana recognized by CNBC as No. 1 in the nation for infrastructure. From our state highways to our neighborhood streets and country roads, we continue to see local road improvements and repairs happening.”

The release says, “Because of our low cost of living and workforce training efforts, employers are choosing Indiana to set up shop”   Chief Executive Magazine lists Indiana as the fifth best state in the country and the best in the Midwest to do business. This year alone, businesses have committed to creating more than 23,000 new Hoosier jobs at more than $27 an hour.

Representative Jordan closed his news release saying, “All these reasons and more make Indiana a great state to call home. I will continue supporting policies that put Hoosiers first and move our state in the right direction.”