grant dexter waits
PLYMOUTH – When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of sports it hit a lot of high school athletes hard, like those who will never know how far their basketball teams might have gone and the spring athletes that will not get their senior season.
The sting is even a little sharper for an athlete like Plymouth’s Grant Dexter. The PHS senior played just one sport – baseball. The hard part is never knowing what could have been.
“I’m upset sure,” he said. “But I decided not to focus on that and to look ahead. I’m going to have a chance to play at Huntington (University) next year and so I’m looking to that. I’m training at home as much as I can to get ready for that. I just prefer to look to the future.”
The Pilgrim infielder had made his choice before the season began to head just to the southeast of Plymouth for college baseball.
“It was different when I went to visit there,” he said. “The atmosphere was great. All the people there were really friendly. (Coach Mike Frame) is a great guy. I’m looking forward to it.”
Dexter began baseball like most, playing t-ball. He spent some time playing youth soccer as well, but decided as a freshman to stick with one sport.
“I decided I was just going to focus on playing baseball,” he said. “It’s what I loved to do.”
The attraction of the game for him was the same as many players.
“Hitting home runs,” he said with a chuckle. “I wanted to hit home runs. All of it really. Pitching, making diving plays. Watching that and wanting to be the one doing it, it’s what I wanted to do.”
He also put the time in to do it.
“I realized when I got into high school I was going to have to get stronger,” he said. “I was going to have to get into the weight room. That’s what I tried to do, just work hard every day.
“Adjusting at the plate was the biggest thing. Pitching was a lot better. They throw harder and the younger guys pretty much throw a fastball, but in high school you’re seeing curves, sliders, everything. I struggled a little bit there with adjusting to that, but I put the time in at practice to get better.”
Last year was Dexter’s first, and unfortunately, the only year of varsity baseball at Plymouth, but it was an eventful year that has its own memories.
“I think beating LaPorte to get to the sectional final is something that I will always remember,” he said. “They had beaten us badly during the season and we just came together as a team. I think that was a big moment for our whole team.”
Dexter will look to a future in the business world after graduation from Huntington.
“I’m going to major in business entrepreneurship,” he said. “I’d like to start my own business, maybe something to do with sports.”