Corona VirusHealth Department officials continue to provide citizens COVID-19 information
PLYMOUTH – At a press conference Thursday Health Department head Dr. Byron Holm and nurse Lisa Letsinger reminded citizens of the symptoms and procedures connected with the outbreak of COVID-19
“Like any other virus it produces the symptoms we would normally see – elevated temp, cough, a lot of aches and pains pretty much like a normal virus we’ve seen in the past,” said Holm “It attacks the immune system and the immune system is the only defense at the present time for a virus. That’s why the immune-compromised people have more problems.”
“It also makes it much more serious if the patient has problems with their lungs, their heart, diabetes,” said Letsinger. “That makes them more vulnerable.”
If citizens are showing signs of the virus they need to call their health care provider or the hotline at (574) 335-8560. They will be triaged and see if they are in need of testing.