Santa letters to Jefferson students 1 2020With just a few days left until Christmas, you would think Santa would be way too busy to accept mail and write back, but he was not too busy to respond to the two dozen Jefferson Elementary School Jets in Emmy Pask’s 2nd-grade classroom; a fact proven Thursday.

Mrs. Pask said, “We took advantage of our school being in Centennial Park, and we walked down to Santa’s big red letterbox to mail letters to Santa on Tuesday, Dec. 17. On Thursday, we could not believe our eyes when letters arrived for all of my students.

Each letter was in its own envelope and included each child’s name typed directly in the greeting. Santa’s handwritten signature was on the bottom. The kids were so excited!

_Licona, Danny - 9 years old this weekOne child shuddered with tears because Santa Claus wrote that he was proud of little Danny.” Danny Licona’s father Daniel Herrera said this has been a very special week for his son Danny. His birthday was on Monday and on Thursday he received a letter from Santa. What a day to remember forever for Danny and the rest of Mrs. Pask’s 2nd-grade class!