County news # 2Ervin Imhoff of 18B Road in Argos appeared before the Marshall County Drainage Board on Monday to request permission to place a new septic system within the 75 foot setback for a new home.

Mr. Imhoff said the soil scientist placed the system 46 feet from the top of the ditch bank.   He was requesting a variance to allow for the new septic service for a new home on 17th Road.

Drainage Board member Stan Klotz asked what the size of the property was and Imhoff said 60 acres.  He said the new home will sit where the old home was and pushing the septic field to the west would “kill” an acre of good farm ground because you can’t farm over it.  He continued, the land by the ditch isn’t very usable for farming.

Klotz explained that variances are granted when you don’t have other options, he said, “You obviously do.”

Mr. Imhoff said in the last few years the Health Department has gotten a lot more critical of septic installation.

County Surveyor Craig Cultice told Drainage Board members there is enough room to work in the 46 feet area as well as the option to work from the other side.

The motion was made and seconded to grant a variance to reduce the setback from the required 75 feet to the minimum of 46 feet for the construction of a septic system.  The motion passed 4 to 1 with Randy Glingle voting no.