County News # 1The Marshall County Commissioners denied an ordinance amendment for erosion control during their meeting on Monday.

Presented by Ty Adley, County Plan Director, the commissioners were not in favor of additional restriction on building in the county.  Adley told the commissioners the staff recommendation, County Plan Commission and Technical Review Committee (TRC) were in favor of the amendment which adds the word “cumulative” to the ordinance.

Adley explained that the current ordinance does not require a drainage plan for buildings less than 4,000 square feet.  He said many times the developer will reduce the size to avoid the need for a drainage plan.  He also said a person could build two buildings of 2,000 square feet each a year apart and would not need a drainage plan.

Adley explained the importance of handling surface water runoff saying water flows faster on a hard surface and enters the ditch quicker making it harder for water to get away, thus flooded drainage ditches.

Commissioner Stan Klotz said he has had conversations with a couple of contractors who say it’s getting too hard to meet all the restrictions in Marshall County.   He said it’s just not favorable to build in Marshall County.  Klotz went on to say there are too many rules and regulations which makes us no competitive.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he too had concerns with additional regulations and said, “we need to walk a fine line here.”

The Commissioners unanimously voted to deny the ordinance amendment.