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If you choose to purchase the Spay-Neuter Pet Friendly License Plate through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, you are not only showing your love of pets, but you’re also helping Indiana shelters become a zero-kill shelters.  Spay-Neuter services of Indiana (SNSI) receives funding from this specialty plate which allows them to directly support nearly 250 rescue groups and shelters across the state.

SNSI provides FREE spay/neuter certificates for adoptable animals and community cats (feral and free roaming).  This significantly reduces the number of unwanted litters which in turn reduces shelter’s in-take.

Sales of this license plate have funded nearly 50,000 surgeries, saving hundreds of thousands of Indiana cat and dogs from euthanasia due to over population.

The extra cost for the plate is $40 and $25 of that goes directly to SNSI.  The pet friendly plates are available for cars, truck and motorcycles.

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