Kankakee Yellow River BasinThe Kankakee River Basin and Yellow River Basin Development Commission will host a public information meeting in Plymouth after its regularly scheduled meeting on November 21.

The public information meeting will be at 1 p.m. in the Commissioners meeting room on the second floor of the County Building.

Executive Director Scott Pelath will make a presentation regarding the current condition of the Kankakee and Yellow Rivers and the Commission’s forty-year work plan to address mounting water resource challenges in Northwest Indiana.  Following the presentation, members of the public will be encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions regarding the future of both Indiana rivers.

Any questions regarding the public information meeting and similar future events may be directed to Pelath at sdpelath@gmail.comkankakeeriverbasin@gmail.com, or at the Commission’s website at www.kankakeeandyellowrivers.org.