County news # 2Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters and County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer approached the County Council on Wednesday with a proposal that could see the extension of Veterans Parkway to the west.

Peters told the council that INDOT is having a call for projects that would be constructed in 2025.  The application is due December 13th and he wanted to know what the council thought on the idea.

He suggested the two mile extension of Veterans Parkway that would connect from North Michigan Road all the way to Pioneer Drive.

To do the project the County and City of Plymouth would have to submit a joint application and share in the required 20% match.  Peter’s said the estimated total cost is about $15 million and the county’s matching funds would be about $1.9 million.

Commissioner Overmyer reminded the council of INDOT’s plan to create J-turns at King and Queen Roads and said they are looking at changes for Pioneer Drive and Oak Drive.  He said, “This extension could be the 465 around Plymouth.”  Overmyer said this may be an easier way for people to get around.

The County Council was supportive of the idea as long as the City is willing to join in the application.  Overmyer said he’s talked with the Mayor but needs to approach the city council on the idea to get their support for the project.

Peters also suggested submitting Bridge #232, the Randolph Street Bridge as an alternate if Veterans Parkway didn’t get funding.

The Council was supportive of the alternate project noting they didn’t want to miss out on getting federal funding for a project in the county.