Plymouth black metal sign 2019Monday evening, members of the Plymouth City Council renewed an agreement for planning services with Ralph Booker.

The 2020 agreement included the 2.8% increase city employees will receive next year and brings Booker’s salary up to $16,638.

The Council also approved the agreement with Older Adult Services for next year.  The new agreement provides transportation services for the city and includes funds to assist with building maintenance since the city owns the building.

Jeanine Xaver, Clerk Treasurer reminded the city council that transportation services was increased from $8,000 annually to $10,000 next year while the additional for building maintenance remained at $5,000 bringing the total contract to $15,000.

Both agreements were unanimously approved by the council.

The Plymouth City Council also approved on first reading an ordinance fixing salaries for elected officials for 2020.  The Mayor, Clerk Treasurer and City Council members will each receive a 2.8% increase.  The Mayor’s salary will be $62,876.88 and the Clerk Treasurer’s will be $65,282.40.  Each of the 7 City Council members will receive $8,953.92 next year for their services to the citizens of Plymouth.

Funding of the salaries is shared equally between the Waters Works Fund, Wastewater Fund and the General Fund.

Second and third reading of the ordinance is anticipated for the November 25th meeting.