Leaf-pick-upThe Plymouth Street Department had to suspend the fall leaf pick up due to the snow fall on Monday and Tuesday.

Superintendent Jim Marquardt told the Board of Public Works and Safety Monday evening that leaf pick up will be suspended for a few days.  He said they took one leaf truck apart because they were having a lot of problems with it.

Marquardt said towards the end of the week they will pick up stuff with loaders and while the guys are plowing they will try and stay away from the leaves that have been raked to the curbs.

The Street Superintendent said currently they are on schedule for the leaf pick up program this season but this may put them a week behind.  He said this colder weather will cause many more of the leaves to fall and if residents can get out there and rake them up quick they should be back on schedule.

Marquardt said they will continue to pick up leaves past Thanksgiving until they get the bulk of them done.

The city only picks up leaves in the fall.  If you don’t get them done now you will have to bag them in the spring and place them at the curb for the spring and summer yard waste pick up on Mondays and Fridays.