Senator Young_at podiumU.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) Tuesday spoke about the far-left’s one-size-fits-all healthcare proposals, including Senator Elizabeth Warren’s $52 trillion Medicare-for-all proposal, which has been dubbed a “fiscal and health-care fantasy.”

Senator Young made the following remarks:

“Well it’s becoming increasingly known that every major Democratic Presidential candidate – every candidate who is perceived at having an actual chance at the nomination at this early stage – is embracing some variant of Medicare-for-all or a plan like the public option, which could make bankrupt our healthcare providers.

“Look folks, we’ve long known that Medicare-for-all is a one-size-fits-all plan. It could knock 180 million Americans off the on-the-job insurance that they value. We now know the price tag, and I commend Senator Warren for actually scoring her proposal.

“$52 trillion dollars over a decade. It’s hard to wrap our minds around a figure that large, but to give some sense to all of you, this is twice the size of our economy. This is two-and-a-half times the size of our national debt.

“Back in Indiana, to bring it close to home, if any Hoosier were to go visit their local doctor or their healthcare provider, they would likely hear from that hospital or doctor that they would go out of business if they accepted Medicare rates for all of the patients that they see.

“So make no mistake, this is not just Bernie Sanders’ plan. This is not just Elizabeth Warren’s plan. All of the major Democratic presidential candidates are supporting plans that could put our providers on a path toward bankruptcy.

“They will continue to support high-tax plans. Plans that reduce the choices we as Americans have. Plans that reduce access as our providers go out of business.

“Meanwhile, we Republicans will continue to support policies that cut costs, that increase freedom, that increase transparency, increase competition, and increase value for the American people.”

Watch the full video of Senator Young’s remarks here.