clean empty dryEmpty, Clean, Dry is the new way to recycle.

Beginning this week the City of Plymouth is asking residents and businesses to take a look at their recycling habits and make sure they are using the new requirements: empty, clean dry.

Empty means making sure there is no food or product residue in the container. Clean means that empty recyclable containers should be rinsed so no mustard in the mustard container or leftover ketchup in the ketchup bottle.  If you cannot get a container completely clean, it is best to put it into the trash so it doesn’t contaminate the rest of your recyclables.  Dry means letting containers dry before placing them in your blue recycling totes so that the paper and cardboard does not get wet because wet or soiled paper and cardboard cannot be recycled.

Your recyclables should not be placed into any type of plastic bags, just drop them into tote.  What can you recycle?

Paper and cardboard is recyclable including newspaper and magazines, junk mail and catalogs.  Cardboard includes shipping boxes and file folders, frozen food boxes and milk cartons. Plastic is recyclable including water bottles, take out containers and detergent bottles. Metal is also recyclable and you can put aluminum beverage cans, food cans and steel food containers in your tote. Glass can go in the recycling tote.  These items include bottles including clear, green and brown glass and jars.

The city is also changing curbside recycling to every other week beginning on Tuesday, November 5th.  They are also moving trash pickup from three days a week to two day so some people will have a new trash day too.   You can check the city’s website at for more information and an interactive map to check you day for trash and recycling.