Tennis Courts 5-1-17_1Monday evening Plymouth Park Superintendent Mike Hite updated members of the park board on several projects.

The fast pitch fencing project is about 75% complete with new black fencing.  DMark Fencing is waiting on material to complete the new backstop.  It’s anticipated the material will be in in the next week or two.

The tennis courts were installed two years ago and there is a 20 year warranty for cracking in the cement.  A minor crack with flaking developed in court # 6.  The Connecticut company worked with Michiana Contracting to repair the crack.  A hairline crack was also found in court #9.  It has been inspected by Randy Longanecker from Michiana and Dave Cooper from the Park Department.  There is no separation or bump so the park will just keep an eye on it.

Park Board President Dave Morrow said the Blueberry Festival contract is only through 2020.  He said both sides met several months ago and both think it’s a good idea to get a head of the curve and starting working on a new contract for the park.  A committee of Morrow, Adam Lukenbill and Robert Listenberger form the park will be meeting with Blueberry representatives to begin the negotiation process for a new contract.