BreakingNews(1)Police say a missing Plymouth couple, both 80-years-old, who got lost on a day trip to Chicago on Saturday have been safely located.

Family members reported William and Jane Wallace missing Sunday evening when they did not return home to their Plymouth home.

Silver Alert Bill Wallace 9-30-19The pair was spotted in Janesville, Wisconsin on Saturday evening when police pulled the Wallaces over for driving too slowly.

Officers helped the couple check into a hotel that evening.   They checked out of the hotel Sunday morning and had not been seen or heard from since.

Silver Alert Jane Wallace 9-30-19Officers were looking for any and all leads to track the couple but they didn’t have a cell phone, On Star or debit cards which would have made it easier to help track their whereabouts.

The Plymouth couple has been located in the Chicago area and their family members are on their way to pick them up.