Plymouth black metal sign 2019The week the Plymouth City Council held a public hearing for additional appropriations totaling $1,183,000.

City Clerk/Treasurer Jeanine Xaver told the council a $7,000 additional for the Transportation Fund will cover a $2,000 additional funding request from Older Adult Services and $5,000 for the agreement the Board of Public Works ratified in April.

A proposed $17,000 additional appropriation for the 1993 TIF Tax Money Fund will cover the remittance for the Stellar Designation application payable to Marshall County Crossroads Stellar.  This was approved by the Redevelopment Commission at their June meeting.

An additional in the Greenways Trail Fund of $20,000 will cover the change order in the contract for SEH for engineering services of the Greenway Trail Project phase II as well as the rest of the contract, since the original approved appropriation was based on an estimate.

The largest additional appropriation request was $995,000 for Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund-2017.  Clerk Xaver said, “The appropriation will cover the cost of the Community Crossing Matching Grant Fund we have with INDOT.”  She explained, “This was not included in the 2019 budget.”

The final additional was $144,000 in the General Fund for City Properties and Maintenance.  The City Clerks said the proposed appropriation will cover the cost of the 2019 Aquatic Center lease.  This item was not budgeted in the 2019 budget.

The clerk closed her comments saying, “Just so you remember, the request for additional appropriations is only a request to spend money that you currently have on hand.”

With no additional comments the public hearing was closed.