Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved two requests presented during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Jeannie Xaver from Saint Michael Catholic Church told the Board of Public Works and Safety their plan to conduct the annual Corpus Christie Walk on Sunday, June 2nd.   

The Corpus Christi procession is a centuries-old tradition of the Catholic faith to process the Real Presence of Jesus — the Eucharist — in public. The feast of Corpus Christi was established in Liege, Belgium, in 1247.

Parishioners will walk from the Knight’s of Columbus near Martins Supermarket to St. Michael Church on Center Street.  They will be walking on the Jefferson Street sidewalk and requested assistance crossing at Michigan Street. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the request. 

The second request, from George Schricker at the Wild Rose Moon, asked to have three parking spaces in front of his building at 113 & 115 North Michigan Street blocked off from May 20th to July 3rd.  Schricker has hired someone to finish the improvements to the masonry façade of his building which will include paint removal, cleaning, and putting a masonry water repellant on it.

The Board of Public Works & Safety unanimously approved the request.    

The final request was from Jan Lemler who brought a safety concern to the attention of the board.  He volunteers at the Restore and Brightspeed is across the street.  There is a large communication tower on their lot that is gated but the gate is open.  Lemler felt the city should address their concerns with the owner that someone may try and climb the tower structure.

Lemler also discussed the need for sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists on West Jefferson Street and concern for light poles that are in the middle of the sidewalks on East Jefferson Street. He would also like to see a sidewalk on Oak Drive from Jefferson Street to U.S. 30.