SOUTH BEND, Indiana (June 24, 2019) — Starting today at 1 p.m., the South Bend Cubs will begin issuing refunds to ticket holders who request them for the Pitbull concert that was cancelled on Sunday evening, June 16th.  The concert was cancelled when it became clear that Pitbull would not be flying to South Bend, though his band and dancers were already in town.


  • Fans who purchased tickets with cash, must bring the tickets to the South Bend Cubs Box Office for a full refund.  A refund can only be made if the actual concert ticket is surrendered at the Box Office, or proof-of-purchase is shown.
  • Refunds for ticket holders who paid with cash cannot be made over the phone.
  • Fans who purchased tickets with a credit card can either call the Box Office or come to the Box Office in person.  These ticket holders will be asked for their  names as they appear on the credit card used for the purchase.  With this  information, Box Office staff will take the necessary steps to verify the purchase with each credit card company.  Refund timelines for credit card purchases will vary depending upon the processing routine each credit card company and the different banks involved.
  • Ticket holders who prefer to wait until the Pitbull performance is either rescheduled this summer, or it is officially announced that he will not be rescheduled, may hang on to their tickets until a final resolution.  If Pitbull is not rescheduled, these ticket holders will still be eligible for a full refund.
  • Fans who won or received complimentary tickets will receive no cash compensation. However, if the event is rescheduled, they will be able to exchange their tickets for the new concert.
  • Refunds are limited to tickets.
  • All ticket holders will have 60 days to request a refund.