CntaurideMonday, May 20, at approximately 10:00am, Meredith Cherry will be riding her horse Appolo from Ancilla to the Heminger House Shelter as part of her trek around the USA 48 States for Domestic Violence Awareness. She has ridden over 6300 miles so far. It will take her about 3 hours to ride to the Heminger House Shelter making her arrival time about 1 PM.

The Heminger House is Plymouth’s domestic violence shelter that is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year helping abuse victims and children get out of the dangerous situations that they are in. We have a 24-hour Crisis Line that anyone can call when they are in danger. The Heminger House also has a 45-day program for all residents who need to come to our shelter. To learn more about The Heminger House or what you can do to help, visit or call 574-936-SAFE (7233).

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