Sheriff Matt HasselSheriff Matt Hassel asked to the Marshall County Council to consider implementing a reimbursement plan.

The sheriff said he received a letter of resignation letter Monday morning from an officer who has been with the department about 2 years.  The officer will be going to a city police department in another county.  Sheriff Hassel told the council the county has spent quite a bit of money to get the officer trained.

He went on to say when he the Chief of Police in Bremen they implemented a 5 year reimbursement plan.  If an officer left within the 5 years, the town collected a percentage of their training cost back.  He also commented that plan has withheld court challenges.

The Sheriff said while the state pays for the training, the county is responsible for the officer’s salary while they are training in Indianapolis for 14 weeks.  The county is also responsible for books, ammunition during training, special uniforms and a supper plan.  He said those expenses run between $4,000 to $5,000.

Councilwoman Penny Lukenbill asked if the Merit Board could make a recommendation on the idea and the sheriff agreed that they could although the Commissioners and Council would have to make the final determination.

Commissioner Mike Delp who attended the meeting said at his former business they paid for the training expenses of employees but if they left too early there was a reimbursement.

While no action was taken, the council was interested in the idea.