Plymouth Color Logo2014This week the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened bids for 2019 Fuel Supplies.

While street Superintendent Jim Marquardt sent out requests to three fuel providers only one returned bids for a fixed pricing requested.

Ceres Solutions bid for 40,000 gallons of gasoline at Monday’s rate was $1.737 for the base and with taxes it was $2.038.  They also submitted a bid for 22,500 gallons of diesel fuel with a base bid of $2.058 and with taxes $2.549.  There was also an additional of $1.065 for winter blend.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the bid and Marquardt said he would watch the market price over the next couple of days before locking in a price for next year.

The Board of Work also opened bids for 2019 Street Materials including gravel, ice sand, fill dirt, fill sand, and crushed limestone.  Both Stockberger Trucking of Plymouth and Irvin Materials Inc. of Peru offered bids.

Marquardt requested the bids be taken under advisement for review with a recommendation to be presented at their next meeting on Wednesday, December 26th.