Susan Kuckie - Teacher of the Month January 2018Plymouth High School teacher Mrs. Susan Kuckie was chosen by the student body as the PHS Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Teacher of the Month for January. Students say Ms. Kuckie was selected for the creativity that she shows when designing her class lessons and the care she shows to her students. One of the students who nominated Kuckie said: “I think Mrs. Kuckie should be the teacher of the month because she is very caring and funny. She makes it fun in her room.”

TCU generously provides $25 each month for the purchase of a gift certificate for the PHS Teacher of the Month award winner. La D’zert Cafe provides four gourmet cupcakes for the winner as well. Plymouth High School would like to say thank you to both sponsors for their generosity and help with recognizing the PHS Teacher of the Month. Congratulations to Mrs. Kuckie!